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Chiropractic has helped with my overall health. My back pain is gone, I sleep better and feel stronger. I have more mobility especially in the mornings when before I had a lot of discomfort even getting out of bed. I've had a great & positive experience with Dr. Trenton as well as his staff. He was always willing to help address any need I had. I would send any of my family or friends to Trinity Chiropractic! -Dana S.

As long as I am faithful to go and do my exercises my headaches are gone and I am not taking any more pain meds. We have also seen great improvement in the baby's digestion and spitting issues. It is so great to be healthy and not be bound by drugs with hopeless results! -The Paul Family

Chiropractic care has helped immensely in many aspects of my health/wellness. I have more energy, sleep very soundly and wake up well rested. I don't have to experience pain everyday now. The staff at Trinity is great, I felt that my needs were met with care and professionalism. I will recommend Trinity to family & friends. -Claire C.

With my baby, we went from holding him upright after each meal and never letting him lay flat. Now he never spits up or has stomach pain. The crying has been reduced because we now have a happy baby. - Christin H.

I went from lying on the couch all day to being able to do normal activities again, Ear became unplugged completely without steroids! Life saver! I can continue to be the wife and mother without pain. -Christin H.

I had chiropractic care while in college for right hip/lower back. I knew my best bet would be to receive treatment to overcome the stiffness & resistance. I've noticed less pain and more flexibility. Plus, my wife has said I stand up straighter and that I have better posture. -Daniel H.

 It relieved my symptoms quickly and also gave me the tools to maintain that relief through home rehab exercises. Warm, friendly staff and an atmosphere of professional integrity that leads to trust and a feeling of peace in knowing that I picked the right place for my care. -Melisa P.

It has helped me strengthen my muscles surrounding my spine to help support it and keep it aligned. It has also helped me with being able to be active & live life "normally". I absolutely love the staff! They are so flexible & attentive. I never have to wait. I also love the physical therapy aspect, I can feel it working my core muscles that are needed to support my spine. -Noelle C.

I have no doubt spinal adjustments done by Trinity Chiropractic have greatly helped me by relieving my headaches and tinnitus, my arm pain, hand numbness, my neck and back pain. They are helping to gradually correct spinal misalignment and teach me correct posture and helpful stretches. Dr. Trenton is not only an excellent chiropractor with great skill for healing but also sincerely cares about the health of his patients! -Sandy A.

No more headaches. 3 weeks into treatment they were completely gone! Strength and endurance to do housework and drive. Better sleep, better mood! Range of motion is far greater. Oh, and weight loss! This has been a life changing experience for me and my family because I am more active than I've been in years and everyone notices it. I no longer have to rely on others and feel helpless. Plus I love the Christian atmosphere. -April P.

It has been a little over a month and I am able to work out again with very little pain. I am also back to running and cycling with little pain. Since using chiropractic I have seen tremendous results in such a little amount of time. It really does work to see a chiropractor. -Christopher M.

I had passed by your office many times -- since I live behind the J-Town shopping center. I had stopped going to my previous chiropractor due to excess cancellations. I knew I needed another chiropractor but was afraid to call someone else. I finally decided one day as I passed by your office that I needed to call and get started again (since my neck and back were in such perfect condition!). I really think God led me to your practice. The Christian music is very calming, the environment is welcoming...it's nothing like what I expected...it's a whole lot more! When you mentioned the radio commercials, I started listening to WAYFM for your commercials. Now I never turn it to another station. Now, I'm going to tell everyone about your practice. I want to do what I can to help bring in patients so that I know you will be around to take care of me! -Kathy R.

I prayed and prayed that God would show me what to do to get rid of the pain I was in.  My mom was driving to church and heard of Trinity Chiropractic being advertised on WJIE.  I had tried cortisone epidurals and I was looking in to surgery.  I was given pain medication and told to "ice" my back.  Those were the only options I had.  Going through treatments at Trinity wasn't easy.  It took a lot of time, work, and patience.  However, through prayer and dedication to treatments, my life has been transformed.  I was extremely depressed when I started chiropractic and it took at least 12 weeks to start feeling better.  One day the "clouds" lifted and I am now almost totally pain free.  I want people to know that surgery is NOT your only option.  Chiropractic care was never suggested to me by other doctors, but it is absolutely what helped me.  Trinity Chiropractic shows you a different path.  They know that through God's hands, people can be healed!  - Sarah T.

For a long time, I was unable to stand for long periods or do many physical activities because of pain or worrying about my back going out.  Now I do things or stand as long as I like and don’t give it a second thought.  Dr. Johns and his staff are amazing!  Dr. Johns doesn’t treat your symptoms, he treats the cause of the symptoms.  I have a hard time adjusting to new people or doctors and this was the best move I could have made.  He’s not only a chiropractor, he’s a teacher, and a guide to better living.  If you’re willing to do your part, he can change your life for the better.  - Angel G.